This page has a very wide spectrum of videos. I’ll be sharing personal videos such as music placements, my family fun time band, music videos I made and old music performances. The other videos I’ll be showing are product tutorial videos and audio blogs.


When you win a school raffle and get the key to #sophiethesmartcar for weekend but can’t pedal over 20mph in it, you have to find other fun uses for it. This clip that me and Riley filmed is called “Riley Logan and the Curiously Small Smart Car”. It’s a spoof on Harry Potter using an engorgio spell to enlarge the tiny smart car. Enjoy!

This was from a Christmas card photo shoot from 2019. For the past eight years, we have photographed custom themes for our family Christmas card. This year I had an idea to create a slightly devious and yet innocent curiosity that all children have. I fondly remember all the magical feelings I had when I was a young child and having endless wild questions to ask Santa. I would excitedly stay up late peering out the window occasionally to hopefully catch a glimpse of the the mystical man in red. I wanted to tell a story of a child wanting to happily plan and catch Santa to be able to answer all those burning questions they had. On part 2/side 2 was the enviable inability to escape sleep. Santa then magically slips in with a trail of glowing magic dust and amusingly peers over the sleeping child with his hands on his hips (shadow on the bed).
I try to do the least amount of composting as I can and include as many real elements as possible for increased realism. This is just a quick Photoshop layer time-lapse that shows the before and after.

Teacher Appreciation Week video from 2020! Over a weekend, Riley (9 years old) wrote a seven character skit of a school Zoom call gone wrong for her teacher Mrs. Abood. All the characters are fictional except for her teacher. Riley gave us so many laughs with her over-exaggerated depiction of her teacher. I filmed and edited this. 

I had this idea for a year and I had to carefully think about how I wanted to execute it. I ended up buying two elves for this photo shoot. I took 40-50 photos of posing the elves in different positions using pins and fishing line. I used a tripod so the elves would all be on the proper focal planes. I recolored a handful of elves for some color variance. This was 3-4 hours of photography and maybe 10-20 hours of compositing. I also did a back side of the card which I will post.

This is a quick time-lapse of a 2017 Christmas card that I photographed and did composite work on. This shows the layer process inside of Photoshop.

This is a two camera interview style setup for the No, Seriously…. Mustard Seeds section of Jen’s website. It is episode 1 of sharing inspirational leaps of faith stories. If you have a story, submit it of Jen’s site in either written, audio or video format.

I did some work for No, Seriously…Blog that allowed me to creatively present Jen’s stories in video form. I had recorded Jen reading her stories and synced up some rolling text with the audio. I think this was a fun way get written stories presented in the video realm.

This is the first song that our whole family learned together. It was a My Little Pony: Equestria Girls song called Awesome As I Wanna Be.

In The City was a song I’ve had for fifteen years and never released it. The changes over the years have been tremendous. This song was never released because it never fit the style of music I wrote. It was just a fun song that was different for me. I typically wrote Rock/Pop, Alternative, Singer/Songerwriter type of material. I decided I would chose this song as entry back into recording and production. This would free me up to experiment without being really emotional attached to the song. I dove head first into learning/relearning everything I could about recording, mixing and production. I spent two months on a daily journey transforming this song into something I am really proud of. I even made a video to go along with it. It was released in 2015.

Here are two examples of an instrumental song, Hume Factor, I wrote that was placed in a tv commercial and radio ad for Palace Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

This is a summary tutorial video I did for the Pure Metallic  floor coating company in 2017. I shot all the footage, edited it and did the graphic text. This is part of a full tutorial video that will have a breakdown of each individual floor coating step. I also used a head-mount camera that will be included in the full video set. I will probably have that listed here in the next few months.

Here are four cover songs from my Romeo High School Battle of the Bands in 1996. There is Peal Jam – Alive, Bush – Machinehead, Bush – Alien and Neil YoungRockin’ In The Free World (Pearl Jam version). Musicians are John Logan (guitar) , Josh Lackowski (guitar), John Lackowski (Bass), John Drysdale (vocals) and Adam Garbett (drums).

Below are some tutorial videos I did for the Original Color Chips floor coating company back in 2009. I shot most of the video with very little to work with at the time. I helped write the script, did all the video editing, effects and recorded the voiceovers. I am currently working on another set of tutorials for a new product.  I am very excited to do something a lot nicer that what I did in 2009.

My daughter Riley was tasked with an optional extension activity for her Drama Kids group. The goal was to find a drama buddy at home to create a video snippet using the starting lines “A. I’m bored. B. Don’t be. We can make our own fun!”. Since both of her parents refused to be a drama buddy, we made Riley be her own drama buddy with a little scripting, video editing and the twin split screen effect.