Most Frequently Asked Photography Questions:

Why do photography costs vary so much?

Example: For a typical hour long photo shoot session, a client may question why it may cost between $200-$5,000.  The pricing breaks down to various common factors such as:

  • Location distance/multiple locations
  • Location scouting and pre-photo shoot setup and testing
  • Post production work (after the photo shoot) which includes color grading, composting, retouching and sorting through hundreds of photos. Depending on the client needs, these post production tasks can take anywhere from four to thirty plus hours.
  • Client care
  • Prepping photos for professional printing, client proofs, and for web delivery for the client
  • Renting special equipment for unique circumstances
  • Setup/tear-down
  • Makeup/hair and clothing stylist cost may be included
  • Photo shoot assistants on location
  • Studio rental space