The Chase Lounge Drawing Tablet Workstation Monstrosity

Finding time to spend with my family, work, and hobbies is challenging most days. I am sure this is not any different in any other household. Discovering ways to have a balanced life is always on my mind and always something I strive for. One of the ways I achieve this is to be able to multi-task. I used to have all my drawing tablets setup in a room in the basement; not only was this lonely, but I wasn’t able to spend time with my wife after my daughter went to bed. My predicament always was “How in the hell am I going to get my wife and art in the same place?”. I didn’t think my wife would go for hanging out in my very small and narrow basement studio nor would she approve of having a work desk sitting in our bedroom. I went into brainstorming overdrive for many months and came up with several ideas that completely failed. The last idea came to me after I saw an ad online for an ergo computer chair that was similar to this:

Ergo Computer Chair Example